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Simvastatin Atorvastatin

Related article: Breeders' Foal Stakes of 500 sovs. for three- year-olds ; one mile. Mr. J. G. Joicey's ch. c Silver Fox, by Satiety— Silver Sea, 9st. lolb. T. Loates i Mr. P. Buchanan's b. or br. t Un- seen, 8 st. 4 lb Lane 2 Mr. James Joicey's b. or br. c Dick Whittington, 9st. O. Madden 3 9 to 4 on Silver Fox. The Upleatham Welter Handicap Plate of 212 sovs. ; one mile straight. Mr. E. Murray's ch. £ Lady Sykes, by Linthorpe, dam by Coeruleus — Common Sense, 3 yrs., 8st Lane i Lord Zetland's ch. or gr. f. Grey Hag, 3 yrs., 7st. 71b. O. Madden 2 Mr. R. Craig's ch. c Clondalkin, 3 yrs., 7st. nib Lounie j 7 to I agst Lady Sykes. WINDSOR.— August Meeting. August 13th. — The August Handicap of 317 sovs. ; one mile. Lord Stanley's ch. f. Birch-rod, by Hazlehatch — Fright, 4 yrs., 9st. Rickaby 1 Mr. Wallace Johnstone's ch. c Atorvastatin Tablets Yedo, 3 yrs., 7st. 3lb. (car. 7st 4lb.) Allsopp 2 Sir J. Blundell Maple's b. f. Hazel- beech, 3 yrs., 7st. 41b Toon 3 II to 10 agst. Birch-rod. i897.] SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. 257 WOLVERHAMPTON.— DuNSTALL Park Mbbting. August i6ih.— Buy Cheap Atorvastatin The Wolverhampton Han- dicap of 292 sovs. Order Atorvastatin Online ; one mile. Mr. D. Seymour's b. m. Angelina, by Coracle — Culverin, 6 yrs., &t. 61b Rickaby i Mr. A. D. Cochrane*s b. h. Eger- ton, aged, 8st. 4lb Allsopp 2 Mr. W. L. Nicholson's b. g. Inglis, 3 yrs., 7st C. Leader 3 Evens Angelina. August 17th. — The Staffordshire Breeders* Foal Plate of 382 sovs. for two-year- olds ; five furlongs. Mr. L. de Rothschild's b. c. Allegro, by Lactantius — Cheer- ful, 8st. 7lb M. Cannon i Mr. S. H. Burns* Purchase Atorvastatin Filly by Senanus —Scotia, 7st. I lib. ...Woodburn 2 Lord Durham's br. c. Dubuque, 8st. I2lb Rickaby 3 6 to 4 agst. Allegro. STOCKTON RACES. August 17th.— The Stockton Handicap of 300 sovs. ; one mile and Buy Atorvastatin Online five fur- longs. Mr. J. L. Dugdale's ch. h. Carlton Grange, by Carlton — Mystery, 5 yrs., 7st. 6lb S. Loates i Mr. John Scott's b or br. g. Scrivener, 4 yrs., 6st. 7lb. C. Leader 2 Mr. James Joicey's b. h. Tyranny, 5 yrs., 6st. I3lb. ...G. F. Leader 3 15 to 8 on Carlton Grange. The Wynyard Plate of 537 sovs. for two-year-olds ; five furlongs. Sir R. Waldie Griffith's br. f. St. la, by St. Serf—Berengaria, 9sf. 2lb Rumbold I Mr. J. Cheap Atorvastatin Daly's br. c. Advance, 8st. 71b Bradford 2 Lord Crewe's br. f. Bend Sinister, 8st.4lb S. Loates 3 II to 2 agst. St. la. August 1 Generic Atorvastatin 8th. —The Wilton Welter Handi- cap Plate of 275 sovs., second re- ceives 20 sovs. ; one mile. Lord Durham's b. g. Not Much, by Minting— Drizzle, 3 yrs., 9st. 51b Rickaby i Mr. A. E. Aston's b. c. Lakeside, 4 yrs., 7st. 7lb O. Madden 2 Mr. E. Murray's ch. f. Lady Simvastatin Atorvastatin Sykes, 3yrs., 7st I2lb Lane 3 4 to I agst. Not Much. The Hardwicke Stakes of 497 sovs, for two-year-olds; T.Y.C. six fur- longs. Duke of Portland's b. or br. Filly by Ayrshire— Lady Alwyne, 8st. Fagan i VOL. LXVIII. — NO. 451. Mr. J. Lowther's ch. f. Queen's Gate, 8st C.Wood 2 Lord Zetland's b. g. Pinfold, 9st. O. Madden 3 8 to I agst Lady Alwyne filly. The Great Northern Leger of787 sovs. for three-year-olds ; Leger Course (one mile and five furlongs). Lord Zetland's ch. or gr. f. Grey Hag, by Hagioscope — Griselda, 8st. 2lb O. Madden I Mr. Jersey's ch. c. Angelos, 8st. 5lb. S. Loates 2 Mr. P. Buchanan's b. or br. f. Un- seen, 8st. Purchase Atorvastatin Online 2lb Lane 3 10 to I agst. Grey Hag. The Lambton Stakes of 218 sovs. for two-year-olds ; six furlongs. Mr. James Joicey's gr. Filly by Pepper and Salt— Queen of the Isles, 8st. 2lb S. Loates i Mr. Preston's br. c. Kirkfell, 8st. 51b O. Madden Atorvastatin Simvastatin 2 Mr. W. Sanderson's b. c. Reaper, 8st. 51b J. Harrison 3 6 to I Atorvastatin 80 Mg agst. Queen of the Isles filly. August Atorvastatin Buy 19th.— The Durham County Pro- duce Plate of 1,183 sovs. for three- year-olds ; one mile and Order Atorvastatin two fur- longs. Mr. W. Low's b. c. No Fool, by Wise Man— Bellicent, 7st. illb. S. Loates i Lord Londonderry's b. c. Nah' Ma' Wusk, 8st. 9lb Rickaby 2 Mr. E. Foster's ch. c. High Chan- cellor, 9st. lib R. Colling 3